We are a group of experts coming from aerospace and defense, utilizing advanced technologies to make a difference in combating mosquito born diseases.

Our company name, same as the Senecio flower, expresses the release of the fragile mosquitoes to find their counterparts and create a better world for our children.

We value innovation, and try to challenge how things are done utilizing technology.

We have been working hard on aeronautic design, deep learning & Image processing, control and release systems and others, in order to try and solve some of the biggest challenges associated with controlling the number one killer of human beings.

We are confident we are on the right path, while the journey continues.


  • Senecio and Dynamic Aviation Corporation mutually tested Senecio Aerial solution using DA King Air Aicraft.

  • Dynamic Aviation is an industry leader in aerial application with nearly 80 years of experience

  • More than 120 aircrafts from Dynamic fleet can be adjusted to carry the Senecio technology

  • Dynamic Accumulated over 270,000 SIT flight hours and covered more than 20 million acres throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Portugal

  • Dynamic Aviation operates a fleet of safe, reliable twin engine aircraft, allowing it to fly above urban and rural areas

  • Each aircraft can be equipped with multiple Senecio PODS to disperse thousands of mosquitoes per second according to the mission requirements

  • Dynamic Aviation website:http://www.dynamicaviation.com

We are looking for additional partners to validate and utilize our robotic systems, for automatic manufacturing and release.

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