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טיפול ביתושים הוא אתגר

They clamp like Velcro, and tend to break too easy


We have explored different methods for automating the manufacturing & release of fragile mosquitoes.

We started with the most difficult task - release controlled amounts of mosquitoes from a flying aircraft.

Our work included experimenting with storage and transport methods, together with novel aeronautic solutions for aerial release.

In order to reach our goal of 10 million mosquitoes per flight, we needed to understand how to manipulate and manage large volumes of mosquitoes, since they tend to cling to each other while stored together.

Back in 2015 and 2016, we collaborated with Dynamic Aviation from the US, and in multiple flights, we made history, as the first company to ever safely release mosquitoes from an aircraft

Ever since, we have leveraged our IP and experience into release solutions adapted for drones and for ground systems (van).

Understanding that one of the biggest challenges is the high volume sex sorting and packaging, we have leveraged our experience, combined with advanced image processing methodologies, deep learning and robotics to come up with a novel solution for the automated biomosquito factory.



Van LS Transperent.jpg


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