For Investors

Backed by global interest coming from different companies and organizations,

Senecio is launching a seed round of fund raising in March 2019 to accelerate the company growth and expand into new markets.

The Senecio technology aims at disrupting how the deadliest animal on the planet is being controlled. A market in which billions of dollars are being spent annually, as hundreds of millions of people are infected each year by mosquito born disease. Dengue, Zika, Malaria and other massively impactful diseases require new technology to be meaningfully addressed. The Senecio technology can be the backbone for these efforts globally.

Designed and engineered as an affordable and compact solution, Senecio holds a large IP portfolio with dozens of inventions, which allows it to provide a complete automatic mosquito factory solution from A to Z. By sorting and packaging male only treated mosquitos, it has been proven that the population of disease carrying biting females can be significantly reduced hence lowering the disease burden. Utilizing AI and innovative manufacturing we enable both the creation and distribution of these non biting males from the ground, by drone or aircraft. 

In order to make an impact, and scale up, Senecio is looking to grow now.

Would you like to join us on a journey to massively impact the world ?