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Senecio @ AMCA 85 Orlando !

This has been a great AMCA conference !

Senecio has revealed for the first time parts of its AI based sex sorting machine, with a crowd coming from all business entities - abatement distrcits, mosquito manufacturing etc.

The Sencio approach is really a breakthrough in this industry, providing the opportunity to work with a compact, affordable machine also for species like the Malaria vector, anopheles.

Other sex sorting, which include any type of sieving, manual or automated, are dependant on the mosquito pupae size difference, which are subtle for the anopheles. The Senecio approach, able to work with adult mosquitoes, with an innovative way to make the mosquitoes not moving in large quantities, is indifferent to the mosquito type, and can be adapted as per need.

We appreciate and thank the different organizations, companies and mosquito districts who expressed their interest and continue their discussions with us !

We are confident Senecio technology will make an impact on world efforts to eradicate diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, and others.

Senecio Board member, Ralph Breslauer explaining the Senecio tech during one of the one on one meetings

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