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Senecio "Ground and Air Assault Matures Symposium" San Diego USA

Senecio led the SIT (Sterile Insect Technique) symposium at the AMCA 84th International meeting San Diego USA "Mosquito SIT: The Ground and Air Assault Matures Symposium" which turned to be a huge success with attendants coming from MosquitoMate (Prof. Stephen Dobson), Califronia Fresno Mosquito District (Mr. Steve Mulligan and Ms. Jodi Holeman), Oxitec (Dr. Derric Nimmo), IAEA (Dr. Kostas Bourtzis) and ForrestInnovations (Mr. Nitzan Paldi) and Senecio.

It's been our pleasure leading the symposium, and having the leading experts from our community together with us on stage !

Come and join us again in the 2019 SIT symposium we are leading in Orlando Florida !

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