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Senecio Robotics has shipped an AI based robotic machine to an international partner

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Tel-Aviv, Israel, January 28, 2019. Senecio has been developing a proprietary technology, providing mosquito factories, laboratories and governments with an affordable, compact solution for robotic handling, sorting and loading of mosquitoes in large scale.

The solution can also be combined with the traditional pesticides approach, for an integrated pest management approach, resulting in an effective solution to the mosquito problem.

Senecio is pleased to announce that a positive patent examination for its mosquito robotic solution, has been received, making Senecio the sole company with a positive examination for mosquito robotic sex sorting.

Senecio Compact State-of-The-Art Robotic Sex Sorting module based on deep learning technology, with mosquitoes being entered on the right side, with automated loading of male-only (none biting) mosquitoes on the left side into release boxes, after classification and sorting.

Following an intensive work, we were happy to celebrate shipping our Robotic Sorting machine to our international partner !

Senecio proud team !

Last picture before heading to the airport...

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