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Senecio Robotics mourns the death of advisor Dr. Dan Strickman

Senecio is saddened to announce the passing of advisory board member Dr. Dan Strickman.

Dan passed away October 28th with his loving family by his side.

Since “mosquito man” joined the advisory board, Dr. Strickman supported Senecio as an advisor and made a significant impact with his knowledge, his wisdom and guidance. We are thankful for his work and friendship and he will be greatly missed by the entomologist community. Prior to joining Senecio, Dr. Strickman held various leadership roles in the fight against mosquito borne diseases; as a senior project officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, national program leader at the USDA/ARS and after he retired the US Army as a Colonel following a 22-year military career, with deployments to Honduras, Korea, and the Middle East.

Dan continued with our remote meetings, even when knowing there are no treatments available, making efforts to provide his mentorship and guidance as much as he could.

On April, after receiving the bad news, Dan, being calm and direct, simply said “I feel that enjoying every day is a priority”.

In his last weeks, Dan was calm and happy having his family around him and as such we shall all remember him, highly professional and a loving family person.

Rest in peace Dan and thank you for the time you have spent with us.

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