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Senecio Robotics welcomes Pamoja VC in an equity round led together with Ocean Azul Partners

Pamoja Capital recently joined an undisclosed round together with Ocean Azul Partners to accelerate Senecio’s ability to bring its core technologies to market. Pamoja Capital was first introduced to Senecio’s founder, Hanan Lepek, by the Creative Destruction Lab accelerator program in Oxford last year.

Mosquitoes are the deadliest species of insect on the planet, responsible for more than half a million deaths every year around the globe, with billions of dollars spent trying to lower the mosquito population. Senecio has a bold vision for industrializing the newest sterile mosquito technology for fighting mosquitoes, supported by an unparalleled patent portfolio. Pamoja Capital shares this vision and has become a Senecio advocate and investor. This equity round, together with an R&D grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority, will enable Senecio to expedite its plans for commercialization.

Pamoja Capital is the investment company that manages the funds of the McCall MacBain family and those of the McCall MacBain Foundation and currently oversees approximately $1 billion of assets. The Company’s mandate is to explore opportunities across a broad range of themes and industries and undertake investments that have a positive benefit for the world. The objectives are to undertake long-term and socially responsible investments. The McCall MacBain Foundation’s mission is to improve the welfare of humanity by providing scholarships and other educational opportunities that nurture transformational leadership, and by investing in evidence-based strategies to address climate change, preserve our natural environment, and improve health outcomes.

Ocean Azul Partners is a Miami-based early-stage venture capital firm led by former operators and investors who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs bring innovative technology solutions to market. Ocean Azul invests primarily in the U.S. and Israel in B2B software and deep tech companies and works closely with their founders to help them grow their businesses and overcome challenges.

Senecio Robotics is a pioneer in developing automated solutions for the Sterile Insect Technique at scale. From automated production to sorting and release, Senecio leverages AI and automation to industrialize the most environmentally friendly solution ever developed for fighting mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases.

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